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Queue Staffing is a leading provider of solutions for companies in a variety of industries and business sectors.

Our goal to make the best and look for the perfection in every project and case of study we take.

We pride ourselves in working hard and intelligently, regardless of our position within the company.

Our Consulting, Training and Development practices meet the unique needs of sophisticated, complex enterprises.

Queue Staffing is uniquely positioned to provide its customers with a level of service and support that is unmatched in our industry.

We create a clear, simple customer-centered vision and continually renew and refresh its execution.




Queue Staffing offers a full array of client services from technical recruiting to managed project delivery. Key services offered include:


* Analytical Reporting
* Information Technology Services
* Banking and Finance
* Human Resources
* Administrative Support
* ERP Services
* Career Planning & Assistance


Queue Staffing offers its staffing services nationally, with the ability to find local as well as national talent for our clients.

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